I'm Phillipa Stafford.

Most people call me Pip. I'm an artist and producer based in Hobart, Tasmania. I come from a visual arts background but have become increasingly interested in the possibilities of sound as a way of divining the unseen, talking about networks and communications, telling stories and creating rituals. You can find my work in many formats - I've worked in installation, performance, video, film, sound, radio, sculpture, textiles, drawings, painting, participatory practice and online.

I am also:
One half of a collaborative, expanded radio project, Sisters Akousmatica.
A Co-Director of Private Projects.
Communications Co-ordinator at Contemporary Art Tasmania, where I produce, write and sometimes host the podcast What are you looking at?

I'm currently a short-term resident at Salamanca Arts Centre, through the HyPe program, which is funding me to develop a new body of work that includes a graphic score for radios, sculptural antennas and a long-term performance and research project using Earth-Moon-Earth propagation.

I have a multi-facted sound practice, using hand-built radios, both crystal and FM, transmitters and other electronic ephemera to create recorded and live improvised sound work. In 2019 I'm working on a recording of some of this stuff. I'll pop a link here when I do.

Projects | CV | And here is a link to my infrequent and inconsistent e-newsletter

If you want to get in touch you can email me at pipstafford at gmail dot com.